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Improving the Lives of Pet Birds

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Thank you for visiting DiamondAvian.com - your source for the best pet bird supplies.

Diamond Avian Distributors, Inc. is a wholesale distributor for pet bird supplies. We sell to retail stores and web sites.

If you are a physical store, Internet store, breeder, or a veterinarian and are interested in carrying any of our products, please browse our list of vendors on this site.

We carry the highest quality food lines including:
  • Harrison's
  • Roudybush
  • Lafeber
In addition to formulated diets, we carry the best seed and treat mixes including:
  • Volkman
  • Goldenfeast
Food is only part of our product line. We also have:
  • Hundreds of Toys
  • Carriers
  • Dishes

...and so much more. In fact, we are able to completely stock an entire bird store or bird department in a full line store, without the need for another distributor.

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