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Effective 1/1/2019 we will require a wire transfer for one-half the total for all orders over $28,000.00. We will accept a credit card for the remaini...
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Effective immediately, no third-party resellers or distributors may sell Harrison’s products on Amazon that are FBA, and HBD will no longer ship third-party stock to Amazon.  All existing third-party stock in Amazon shipping locations that was acquired before the effective date of this policy may be sold off at a normal pace. You can still sell on Amazon but the products must be shipped by you not FBA. HBD will closely monitor Amazon to ensure enforcement and reserves the right to discontinue selling product to any third party in violation of the policy.Please contact jackie@petbirdstuff.com for a complete list of vendors that do not allow Amazon FBA sales. Please visit Harrisons under the vendor page for details on their policy on MAP Pricing



Thank you for visiting New-DiamondAvian.com, your source for the best pet bird supplies.

Diamond Avian Distributors, Inc. is a wholesale distributor for pet bird supplies. We sell to retail stores and web sites.

If you are an individual looking for supplies for your companion bird, we can assist you. Please email Tlena@DiamondAvian.com

If you are a physical store, Internet store, breeder, or a veterinarian and are interested in carrying any of our products, please browse our list of vendors to see the variety that we represent. Too see the individual items carried by each vendor, please register on this site.

We carry the highest quality food lines including:

In addition to formulated diets, we carry the best seed and treat mixes including:

Food is only part of our product line. We also have:

...and so much more. In fact, we are able to completely stock an entire bird store or bird department in a full line store, without the need for another distributor.

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