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UPDATE (1/16/2022): Most customers have already moved over to our new website. But, we've extended our deadline a few more weeks as we're still hoping for you to move over at your convenience before we begin the process of finalizing our move. By choosing to move over voluntarily before our hard cutover, you will have the ability to use both versions of our website to smooth out your transition. -Thank you!

We are excited to introduce our new, updated website!

We are asking that all current customers login at www.New-DiamondAvian.com before the end of January. In fact, you can do so right now - your existing account, cart, and order history is ready and waiting for you. All you have to do is login on the new website using your current username and password. Your account will be activated, your email address verified, and you will be good to go!

We hope you will find the new website familiar, but updated, with an improved look and feel.

In February, we will begin the process of shutting down this website in favor of our new one. More information will be available, if appropriate, on the new website as we move through the process.

Improving the Lives of Pet Birds

Thank you for visiting DiamondAvian.com, your source for the best pet bird supplies.

Diamond Avian Distributors, Inc. is a wholesale distributor for pet bird supplies. We sell to retail stores and web sites.

If you are a physical store, Internet store, breeder, or a veterinarian and are interested in carrying any of our products, please browse our list of vendors to see the variety that we represent. Too see the individual items carried by each vendor, please register on this site.

If you are an individual looking for supplies for your companion bird, we can assist you. Please email our retail store at Info@BirdieBoutique.com

We carry the highest quality food lines including:

In addition to formulated diets, we carry the best seed and treat mixes including:

Food is only part of our product line. We also have:

...and so much more. In fact, we are able to completely stock an entire bird store or bird department in a full line store, without the need for another distributor.

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